When you're passionate about what you do, you don't shy away from hard work. You do everything you can to hone your craft, holding yourself to the highest standards to produce great results and accept nothing less.

That's how Chaz Dean, Creator of WEN® Hair Care, feels about hair care. "I couldn't do what I do day in and day out if I wasn't passionate about it," he said.

Chaz Dean portrait

Finding His Passion

Chaz didn't always know that his passion was hair care. It all began with a love for photography, which led him to take several courses on commercial photography. Always about the whole picture—the overall look—Chaz began incorporating hair and makeup with his photography, and he soon found himself in cosmetology school.

He knew the looks he wanted to create, and instead of relaying it to a hairstylist and makeup artist, Chaz took it upon himself to create the looks himself. Even then, he was committed to making his exact vision a reality. He didn't want to settle for anything less than that.

That work ethic—that dedication and persistence—is how WEN® Hair Care came to be.

WEN Hair Care® creator Chaz Dean

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Early Career

Long before Chaz became a stylist to the stars, he got his start at a popular Beverly Hills salon. He started out as an assistant to the manager who cut hair while Chaz worked on color and highlights. He quickly gained his manager's trust, and was often asked about his style suggestions for various clients.

This creative freedom allowed Chaz to expand his skills and color boundary. Soon, he was asked to help create a deep conditioner for the salon's hair care line—his first foray into product development. While others may have been overwhelmed by such a challenge, Chaz embraced the opportunity, confident in his ability to deliver a product that would exceed expectations.

Chaz partnered with a lab and spent nine months formulating and reformulating, even with the company's pressure to quickly launch the product. He never once thought about delivering a product that he didn't feel 100% confident about, saying, "If my name is on it, I want to make sure it's amazing." Sure enough, it was a hit, and just three months later, the company asked him to create a natural product line for them.

Even though he was just launching his career, Chaz had already accomplished so much by the time he was 21 years old.

Building a Celebrity Clientele

Chaz quickly climbed the ranks at an upscale salon in Bel Air, becoming manager and eventually purchasing the salon. He would test the product on his clients' and colleagues' hair after he had spent 5 years meticulously developing the formula.

Word spread fast about the concept of cleansing hair without lather, creating a snowball effect among Hollywood celebrities. Since many of them were actors who had to style their hair for shows, they would come into his salon with damaged hair—all eager to learn how to get shinier, more manageable, healthier-looking hair.

WEN Hair Care® products

Chaz Dean Today

Chaz has since relocated his salon to Hollywood, and has renamed it as Chaz Dean Studio. He wanted to offer his famous clients a quiet retreat, a safe haven from the paparazzi. Since WEN® embodies a feeling of Zen and is soothing to the hair and senses, Chaz wanted his salon to reflect those same qualities.

Despite his world-renowned status and WEN®'s success, Chaz shows no signs of slowing down. His passion is what fuels him to keep pushing the boundaries and learning. When he isn't developing and testing new products or exploring different fragrances, he's taking in clients at his salon, or styling for fashion and award shows.

It's because of Chaz's relentless drive that WEN® has become a worldwide success. Since WEN® was created 16 years ago, it has sold 40 million bottles and is loved by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, from Asia, to Latin America, to the Middle East.